Friday, January 30, 2009


What does a leader need to do to be successful, admired, and
respected – worthy of emulation? To help his organization and
people thrive? To be at the top of his game? To be THAT Leader?

“He that gives good advise builds with one hand. He that gives
good counsel and example builds with both. But he that gives
good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and
pulls down with another.” - Francis Bacon

We have seen and heard various opinions and polls of what’s
required to be such a Leader. But many were just touching on
traits more than anything else. Yes, Emotional Intelligence is
certainly the cornerstone in one’s leadership arsenal; however,
to move forward, we need to know the “How To’s.”

“Chance favours the prepared mind.” - Louis Pasteur

Remember, while “experience” is simply repetition brought about
by exposure; Leadership is just a matter of guts and opportunity.

Here now are the seven (7) fundamentals or things that you
“must” to do To Be THAT Leader

1. Nurture Your Image.
2. Build Relationships.
3. Invest On Talents.
4. Cultivate Teamwork.
5. Create Wealth.
6. Steer The Company.
7. Shape The Future.

Some other aspects which you may be looking for may have been
incorporated into either one of the seven factors, so stay tuned;
As to better absorb the ACTIONs called for in developing these
components, we will break them down into pieces and serve them
in a series for you.


People like winners. People wants to be associated with “giants.”
Thus, when you possess the qualities they envision in a leader, it
would be a lot easier for them to accept you as their superior; to
change what needs to be changed in their methods; and to
follow you as their guide.

Nurturing your image is like “self-promotion.” Nevertheless, doing
so is more than just looking sharp, it’s being sharp. This is projecting
a snappy and dignified yet approachable disposition.

It’s more than just wearing fine clothing; it’s keeping fit, clean, and
attractive. This means you got to exercise. Eat healthy. Have a
nice hair cut. Brush your teeth and get it fixed if necessary. Keep
your hair, hands and fingernails clean. Get an annual physical.
Take vitamins. Polish your shoes regularly. Avoid heavy cologne.
Have a good carriage. And don’t forget to “smile.”

It’s more than just having “executive” manners, it’s being sensitive
and considerate. Practice empathic listening. Be gentle yet firm.

It’s more than just owning a nice education, it’s about exhibiting
good decision-making and problem-solving skills. Join socio-civic
organizations. Serve your community. Assist during calamities
and help in the planning for crisis management.

It’s more than just experience, it’s having good work ethics and
creativity. Go the extra mile and trust your intuition. Keep in mind,
“imagination” is the mother of willpower, the key to achievement.

More so, nurturing your image would never be complete if you
can not grow your knowledge… and mind you, “leadership
knowledge” is more than just technical; it’s socio-economic,
cultural, environmental, linguistic, and updating your leadership
skills among others.

So, do research. Read. Study. Attend workshops. Practice.
Network. Be where the “action” is, if not in person, at least on
the web. Open your eyes and ears. Increase your awareness
around you and across the globe. Be of help.

And since we deal with people, harness your communication,
presentation, and public speaking skills. Grab every opportunity
to utilize it, if not, find ways. Teach in schools or even Sunday
schools. Coach. Train. Join clubs. And soon, you’ll be a “force”
to reckon with.

“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon
way, you’ll command the attention of the world.”
- George Washington Carver

Finally, nurturing your image requires you to regularly monitor
yourself; to adjust what needs to be adjusted; and to make sure
you never stop at a standstill.

See, Leaders never stop learning instead they continuously seek
ways to improve themselves. They are never a sitting duck.

“I wasn't satisfied just to earn a good living.
I was looking to make a statement.” - Donald Trump


Your Image determines your potential as THAT Leader.

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