Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Voice Of A Leader... Part II

Previously, we talked of a Leader's vocal cords and it's effect on the
people he deals with; in this article, we will now discuss about "how
to be heard".

This... is all about the Voice of a Leader.

To begin with, to be heard, we got to learn to communicate. Oh, that's
easy! Well, this is not just about talking our guts out, for most anyone
can talk. Instead, we should be able to effectively communicate our
agenda as well as understand the people we talk to.

At the very least, we need...

CONTENT. This means, objectives and directives should be relevant,
meaningful, concise and according to the vision of the entity. This is
where the excitement begins so we simply have to focus on worthy
undertakings. Never waste the time of others and you will get results

CLARITY. Whether verbal or written, everything should be clear. No
hidden agenda. No double meanings. Straight to the point and with
proper delegation to say the least.

CONSIDERATION. When we talk, we do not just talk but listen. We
put ourselves in the shoes of our listeners. This means, we speak
to understand then be understood. Respect is essential.

"Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your
position falls, your ego goes with it." - Colin Powell

FIRMNESS. Oh, we know what this means, you mean business.
That's right. Some may not have that "kingly" voice to go with, but
then again -- if you could speak with "kingly" looks... if you could
speak with that "knightly" stance... if you could speak without really
stuttering -- then you would have effectively sent your message

Before opening your mouth -- think. Not just what you would say
but how you would handle varied reactions.

Before opening your mouth -- feel. You need to know if the audience
is at their highest in terms of receptiveness.

Before opening your mouth -- fix. You have to make sure you are
appropriately dressed and well-groomed before stepping on the floor.

Before opening your mouth -- relax. Have confidence and learn to
pause for greater impact. Do not speak too fast or too slow, but
again, speak to understand to get things done. Have faith.

"In the end, you are measured not by how much you undertake but
by what you finally accomplish." - Donald Trump

“It's not whether what or how you say it... it's whether you Would do it."