Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That Vital Human Link...

This time, Team... Leadership shifts to it's Organizing functions.

Again, by simply finding the root word which is "organize", we could say that this aspect of Leadership is the glue that holds the entity toward accomplishment.

Let's briefly take on the four components found to be most useful in describing an Organizational system (Jerry I. Porras):
  • ORGANIZING ARRANGEMENTS. This consists of all the formalized guidelines for coordinative action in the system. Among them are the policies & procedures, administrative and formal reward systems, formal structure, strategies, and of course, the goals.

  • HUMAN FACTORS. This is about the people-related characteristics and processes of the organization. It's basically composed of interaction processes, individual attributes, culture, and yes, informal patterns & networks as well.

  • TECHNOLOGY. This area describes all aspects of the process through which system inputs are transformed into system outputs.

  • PHYSICAL SETTING. This part includes the physical environment people work in.

These components are coordinated and held together by the Purpose of the system. Purpose is the fundamental glue that bonds the Organization by providing a definition of the system's reason for being. A clearly defined Organizational purpose will result in high levels of coordinated action. An unclear purpose leads to confusion about what each component should look like and how the components should interrelate, and this confusion causes different parts of the Organization to pull in different directions, making the overall Organization relatively inefficient. Purpose, therefore, is the "star on the horizon" that guides the Organization through its various choice points. Without a broadly understood and accepted purpose, an organization can not effectively survive over the long term.

Again, in the Art of War, Sun Tzu demonstrated that the effective handling of forces does not really have anything to do with numbers... but with one's ability to divide and position his/her men.

“The control of a large force is the same in principle as the control of a few men; it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers.”

If you have that talent to skillfully organize people… to understand and meet their needs while not compromising company goals – then your Organization would go a long way in recruiting, inspiring, retaining, and growing talent toward achieving Organizational objectives.

The Ultimate Value then… is Understanding the Situation Before Jumping.

A Great Motivator stems from being a Great Organizer.