Monday, September 14, 2009

The Traveling Leader...

Traveling is one thing that a Leader needs to do to be a global
leader, this maybe through internet or actual travel. However,
in the long run, actual travel would certainly be even more
beneficial... let's start the exploration.

First, well, what about traveling? Why make such a fuss about it?
And what do we actually get out of it?

Readers, Leaders, mind you that Leadership is about people not
machines. It's about people management... about directing the
ship to its destination. See, while management is concerned with
the inanimate... material and financial resources, machinery,
products, marketing; Leadership, on the other hand, is concerned
with people; it is a psychological... or if you like, a spiritual
connection between human beings.

With this, good communication skills is definitely a key factor.

"To succeed or even to survive in this most difficult of roles requires
of the Chief Executive good health, humour, a resilience not given
to many, and the powers of persuasion and personal leadership
needed in both boardroom and workshop." - Jan Hildreth

Notice, for this quotation, the emphasis on forms of communication
is seen through the boldly printed letters.

But, what about travel? Logically, if you do not travel then how could
you communicate?

Nevertheless, traveling brings with you important aspects like having
the actual view of the investment... the feel of the environment and
culture... and most importantly, strengthening that human connection
that would lead to more cooperation and opportunities.

See, having an actual view of the investment would make you feel
more confident that you are indeed making the right decision.
While feeling the environment and culture makes you understand
your counterparts even more, thereby knowing your market better
and how to effectively motivate on this side of the fence. Just bear
in mind, respect and tolerance is essential anywhere in the world.

"Goodwill is earned by many acts; it can be lost by one."

Still wait. Cooperation? Opportunities?
Yes, you heard me right. If you know how to play your cards well,
you could finally get that dream job offer... as for in many cases,
it is not what you know but who you know that gets you that job.

So, keep walking, talking, and listening to success...
and do not forget to show that million dollar smile.

"Traveling creates Opportunities..."