Friday, April 24, 2009

The Mind Of A Leader...

Have you ever wondered what’s “really” in the mind of a Leader?
What? Leadership practices? Growth? Success? Don’t you think
these are just too predictable? How about being a little more
specific then?

For a great Leader, major in the mind would be Reputation,
and Legacy.

REPUTATION. This pertains to now. To what you are now. The
general estimation of the public on you. It accounts for what you
have done and how could you affect the future. This is about your
public face.

To build a strong reputation does not mean to just break rules; it
does not mean to disregard people; it does not mean to force your
way through… but it also does not mean to be a “yes” man.

“I can not give you the formula for success, but I can give you the
formula for failure which is: try to please everybody.”
- Herbert B. Swoope

To build a strong reputation is to build a good reputation. You are
a Leader because you generally have “followers.” You have
followers not only because of your charisma but because of your
vision that they believe in; because you know what you are doing;
and because they would also get something out of the venture.

A Leader’s good reputation then stems from being given an
opportunity to shine. And with courage, good people skills, and
accurate thinking… everything falls into place.

Once a Leader has built a good reputation, it does not matter what
other people say, for in the end he would have much more
supporters then detractors.

ORIGINALITY. In this case, what is originality “really” all about?
Well, the common understanding of originality is that nobody has
ever thought or done “it” before; that it’s the first of it’s kind.

Well, that’s the general perception, but actually there’s more to it.

“Keep on the look out for novel ideas that others have used
successfully. Your idea has to be original only in it’s adaptation to
the problem you’re working on.” - Thomas A. Edison

Understand that if you just keep looking for ways to be “original”
as how the general public sees it, then you won’t make it big.


Because you are simply wasting too much time on your search
without any real output. Realize that “originality” comes in different
forms, you just have to let your creative juice flow… originality,
then, will just reveal itself and build up.

This means just keep innovation up… soon, invention will show up.

“I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only
finds that there are many more hills to climb.” - Nelson Mandela

Therefore, do not procrastinate but use time well…
for the perfect moment may never come if you waste the good
that you could have done today.

LEGACY. This is something only truly great Leaders accomplish.
This is when food has been consumed but the savor still lingers.

“Your legacy should be that you made it better than it was
when you got it.” - Lee Iacocca

A legacy is not built overnight as the atomic bomb took time before
it was developed and made known.

So we see, a Leader can only build on a lasting legacy if he has
done something that has great impact on his industry… and it starts
with the organization that he is serving.

Genuine service is then the key.

“Every man takes care that his neighbor does not cheat him but a
day comes when he begins to care that he does not cheat his
neighbor. Then all goes well. He has changed his market cart into
a chariot of the sun.” - THE LAW OF SUCCESS

Serve then… and serve whole-heartedly, that’s what a True Leader
is all about. Once you put your soul into service, your passion will
just carry you to greater opportunities and more success.

Remember… “If the axe is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength
is needed but skill will bring success.” - ECCL. 10:10

Friday, April 17, 2009

The EQ of A Leader...

How did a Leader come to be? What made him what he is?

For this issue, we talk about the EQ or the Emotional Quotient of
a Leader particularly focusing on it’s development.

If we take a close look at a Leader at work, you should notice that
he has already been made or at the very least, he is 80% of his
EQ potential. Why do we say this?

For one, he is already an adult… and a matured adult when he
became a business Leader. Therefore, although there’s always
room for improvement, his character is mostly in place.
And what about this 80%?

Well, in some instances, certain leaders still have yet to fully evolve
to their true potential… and this is because of their past or other
factors that has unconsciously held them back.

Leadership qualities develop through the years and is influenced by
several factors, thereby, contributing to his EQ make up.

One of the most notable contributors to a Leader’s EQ is his family
background or values.

Realize that the first 7 years of a human being’s life is crucial to
character development, hence, one’s family plays a nurturing role
on how a Leader came to be.

As a child, parents could help in the developing of one’s confidence,
curiosity, intentionality, self-control, relatedness, the capacity to
communicate, and the ability to cooperate which are essential in a
potential Leader.

We will then notice that children with high EQ’s are more popular,
adaptable, empathetic, and friendly. They are more persistent in
doing a task and would not give up so easily.

As a child grows, other EQ influences come into play such as peer
group, school, the community, culture, religion… all, finally to be
made manifest at work and society as a whole.

What do we see here?

Envy, insecurity, pessimism, crab mentality, and bellicosity are the
hidden negatives that possess an undeserving leader… that is
made apparent by his bickering, being easily upset, scheming,
and whining which are just a few signs of a troubled childhood that
he has unconsciously brought with him.

“Every line a man writes, and every act in which he indulges,
and every word he utters serves as unescapable evidence
of the nature of that which is deeply imbedded in his own heart,
a confession that he cannot disavow.” - THE LAW OF SUCCESS

Consequently, to understand a person or a Leader for that matter…
to determine one’s potential to really contribute… to properly
appraise one’s leadership skills… do not just rely on technicalities,
you got to get down to the roots and understand his evolution as
a person.

While a Leader should be strong to lead, his strength is not about
coercion but about persuasiveness; it’s about his ability to say “no”
when necessary; it’s about his courage to take another route to
reach his destination; it’s about his optimistic spirit to give everyone
a chance; it’s about his resourcefulness in finding ways to achieve
targets or making do with what he has; and it’s about his humility
to admit mistakes, take responsibility, and have that resiliency to
bounce back.

And mind you, work experience has really very little to do with this
development but it all came from one’s progression as a person
that is seen in his beliefs and convictions.

Work experience is just the result of circumstances; of being at the
right place at the right time. And many times, one’s success is
simply the effect of one’s preparedness when opportunities
come knocking; of one’s willingness to sacrifice; and of one’s
heart for service.

“Your employer does not control the sort of service you render.
You control that, and it is the thing that makes or breaks you.”

EQ determines one’s potential, thus, Intuition plays a key role in assessment.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Spirituality Of A Leader...

It is another blog day, another Friday but no ordinary Friday as in
Christiandom, it is Good Friday. A good day to remind us that we
are not just in business, but we too have souls to feed.

Well, we may belong to different denominations, different religions,
with different customs and beliefs; but still, we are all on earth
together that we are brothers and sisters… that we should play fair
and help each other whenever possible.

But, is this really possible, that is to be a “conscientious” Leader?

I mean, playing fair and helping each other in such a competitive
world? With all these policies and trade regulations, it sure is
possible; yet, why are there still complaints? Answers could stem
from the fast technological evolution to business unpredictability;
however, the toughest cause to address would be deception and
plain selfishness from lost souls.

“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet
forfeits his soul? Or what can man give in exchange for his soul?”
- Matthew 16:26

So, in comes religion.

Gentlemen. Ladies. I believe that every religion has a heart
and that if only it’s followers would “truly” practice it’s doctrines,
the business world would be much more stable if not resilient.

In this present world, we see the spirituality of a leader in providing
economic stability and thereby, employment and better standards
of living is often an underrated and overlooked factor.

“The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.” - JFK

A Leader should serve and does serve.

A Leader should think of others to be a deserving leader… take
Jesus as “the” example. Many might say “we are not charity or a
religious institution”; but then, whether you realize it or not,
you are now successful because of others.

“If you are successful remember that somewhere, sometime,
someone gave you a lift or an idea that started you in the right
direction. Remember, also, that you are indebted to life until you
help some less fortunate person, just as you were helped.”

Religion helps develop that Spirituality; and with a lifelong conviction
through a personal creed or mission statement… we become more
painstaking in our undertakings and dealings with others.
We become “better” Leaders.

Aim high. Fly high. But remember, you are not alone.

So, let’s use our gifts for the glory of God and the good of mankind.

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.
If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.
If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach;
if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the
needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership,
let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it
cheerfully.” - Romans 12:6-8

Are we getting too religious here, do I sound like a clergyman, or
are you just losing your sense for rightful leadership?

Maybe it is just time for you to reflect.

“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without the Bible.”
- George Washington

Remember… Great achievement…
is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shape The Future... The Conclusion.

Here now is the conclusion of the series “To Be THAT LEADER…”
through the last three components on what it takes to shape the

As previously noted, the forming of key alliances, otherwise known
as our “support system”; the proper utilization of time; and knowing
when to trust our intuition are essential to realizing the future we
want… yet, there are three more ingredients which if not included
would only see a sour if not a bitter tomorrow.

“But I see history as a book with many pages – and each day
we fill a page with acts of hopefulness and meanings.”
- George H.W. Bush

The Last Three…

GET AHEAD. To shape the future, to take the lead, we got to put
our thoughts into action. A leader may have the most creative mind;
profound analytical and reasoning skills; and an imagination way
ahead of our time… but if he does not act with courage, he is merely
a poser not a doer.

“It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that
human history is shaped.” - Robert Kennedy

Hence… Invest. Invent. Innovate.

By investing on talents and futuristic projects, we get our hands on
the steering wheel. By inventing, we turn our imagination to reality.
By innovating, we bring life to what was previously thought as a
dead product, a dead process.

It all starts in the mind… and realized by organized effort.

“To build a twenty-first-century economy, America must revive a
nineteenth-century habit – investing in the common, national
economic resources that enable every person and every firm to
create wealth and value.” - Bill Clinton

MASTER DIPLOMACY. Yes, we talked about “hooking up” or
creating our support system, but that’s only like networking –
we simply connect or join clubs.

In diplomacy, we see the development of that connection. It is
more than finding common ground, it is pushing cooperation.
It is about transforming annoyance to fondness, thereby, opening
the floodgates for lucrative deals… critical to shaping the future.

Yet, good communication skills is, unfortunately, not in every
leader’s arsenal. And so, this explains one’s potential to really

“Some there be that can pack the cards and yet can not play well;
so there are some that are good in canvasses and factions,
that are otherwise weak men.” - Francis Bacon

See, to have the mind and determination to make better the world…
but not the ability to articulate one’s vision in a clear and convincing
fashion… is like having a car with flat tires.

And take note, diplomacy is not about being a “yes” man, but about
being empathetic yet rational and firm. This then earns you that
respect and cooperation.

“We must adjust to changing times and still hold on to unchanging
principles.” - Jimmy Carter

HAVE FAITH. To move forward, we have to trust our abilities…
and we have to trust God, the source of everything.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”
- Proverbs 16:3

In all the changes and circumstances that has been happening in
this world, things did not occur by chance… understand that luck is
what happens when preparation and opportunity meet.

To have faith, we need focus. We need determination. We need
action. We need resourcefulness and resiliency.

We can not afford to procrastinate. We can not afford to chicken out.

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off
your goals.” - Henry Ford

We just have to keep walking to reach our destination. And run to
get ahead of change, we have to understand that the weather may
suddenly shift and things could get delayed; but there are ways
and soon, the sun will shine. So do not stop but be strong.
Rest if you must but never give up.

“Don’t be afraid of a little opposition, remember that the ‘kite’ of
success generally rises against the wind of adversity – not with it!”

To Shape The Future… Imagine. Believe. Plan. Act. Persevere.