Monday, December 22, 2008

Leaders In Transition...


The Future?!
And what do we mean by “leaders in transition," anyway?
Well, this implies to change… but more than change, these Leaders
are those who are enthusiastic and confident to lead the future.
Sounds simple, eh.

Let me guess, many could be thinking that the “leaders of the future”
are the up and coming generation… that they are those who are still
in school… or maybe the ones who just entered the labor force.

Well, literally speaking, these youngsters ARE “leaders of the future”;
and while there’s a need to develop leaders of tomorrow today – this
is simply to ensure leadership continuity. So again, it’s JUST literally
speaking. Although there could be a few exceptional ones, this does
not necessarily mean that the one’s being developed are destined to
be greater than those who mentor them. To be great is to have more
than one facet.

Thus, for those who are hesitant, why be insecure?

“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself,
or to get all the credit for doing it.”
- Andrew Carnegie

Still a lot of leaders could also be insisting – “why should we train
leaders for other companies?” Yet most organizations import leaders
at one level or another and at certain times, and so they should be
willing to export them as well.

Greatness in leadership is much more a matter of teamwork:
it is in creating and leading a leadership team.

As I mentioned before, TRUE Leaders surface when there’s a crisis.
A TRUE Leader is not really about age or experience; then again,
a Leader can NEVER be a Great one without that “heart”. History
tells us that. And it’s simply common sense. We can never really
accomplish anything worthwhile without “courage”.

“Anybody who runs a successful high-technology company has to be
an eternal optimist, has to be able to take big risks.”
- John Sculley

Again here, we are not only talking about high-tech companies but
most every undertaking. Leadership implies the personal willingness
to go out in front – accepting the risks involved – in order to ensure
that your team go in the right direction at the right speed.

Are you still in the bus?

So, now, have you heard of recent predictions?

That by 2013...
a supercomputer will be built that exceeds the computation capability
of the human brain… that by 2049 a $1,000 computer will exceed the
computational capabilities of the human race.

And what do we hear? Shift happens.

Of course shift happens! This conclusion is just for the simple minds.
We know that since time immemorial, man continues to evolve and
innovate to make life easier and better. Hence, “shift” IS expected.
But if you really think about it, nothing is really new except for the
presentation of that “newness”.


Because nothing really changed to the needs of man.
Humans would still eat bread not stone. We would still use our eyes
to watch, mouth to speak, ears to listen, and so on.
Thus, innovations are just about speed or appearance or just logical
except if “everything” would then be processed
in the brain.
The bottomline is that… we are still made of flesh and

Therefore… Think deeper. Think farther.

How would these advancements REALLY affect man? Leadership?

If computers created 5, 40 years from now would exceed human
capability… then we could already be seeing the gradual takeover of
“robots” where the children of tomorrow would just be mere
assistants to “robots” , if not computer operators … unless they got
those strings attached at the top.

What we would then see most of the time is…
of Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”.

Here’s more…

That according to former Secretary of Education Richard Riley…
the top 10 jobs that will be in demand in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.
That we are currently preparing students for jobs that do not exist
yet… using technologies that haven’t been invented yet… in order
to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet?

What is then so “awing” about these predictions? NOTHING.
Of course, these things would happen – because of technological
advancement. But see, in actuality, we are really just creating our
own problems. If we stop innovating then there is nothing to
prepare for… and no new problems to worry of. Yet we need to
create not only for our convenience but for the survival of future
generations. If there’s no “new” job, literally new… we would
need more new companies of similar structures to provide jobs to
a growing populace.

Yes, we are living on exponential times… and again, it’s expected.
However again, this does not inevitably mean that the youngsters
are the
REAL “leaders of the future”. What most of these leaders
would do is just take over a vacancy or an aging leadership, create
their own enterprise, or for a few potentials, lead a new
technological undertaking.

“TRUE Leadership is not about power; it is about a person’s legitimate
right to lead through example and self-discipline.”
- Ann Mansell

Example is contagious. It is action or conduct which induces
imitation. Children are naturally imitative: it is the way they learn.
As adults we retain that characteristic. In creating the right
climate of purpose, unity and teamwork, how you bear yourself
as a Leader can be decisive.

“Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than
the science of management says is possible.”
- Colin Powell

The Best Leaders have something of a philosopher in them.

The future is about change… therefore, the Leader in Transition
is the
REAL Leader of the future… Leaders with a fertile yet open
mind; that rare breed with the willpower and stamina conducive
to technological change… to positive change.

How about leaders in their “current positions”?
Well, we know that most are “scared” to touch the “status quo”,
therefore, they can NOT facilitate change – but ONLY a handful
WITH courage, humor, resourcefulness, creativity, people skills,
resilience, temperance, and ENERGY can be one.

The Leaders of Tomorrow are already in our midst... and,
it could be you… and/or an “underrated” Network Connection.

Future Leaders are Catalysts … "gutsy” and Creative Thinkers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Emergence of THE LEADER...

In life, heroes emerge when villains rise. This has even been constantly
“depicted” in stories and movies when police authorities could no longer
contain criminality.

In business as in life, heroes are the TRUE Leaders who surfaces when
everything around tumbles down, collapses and explodes yet feeling like
fishes in its native element. These are the “rare” breed who can find
strength, will and organizational talent inside to change things for the
better. These are the kind that won’t be afraid of pushing a situation to
the extreme to find the final solution.

These are the TRUE Leaders… and “courage” is their most obvious mark.
People of this psychological type may unfold their professional potential
and occupy leading positions during crisis; or in situations demanding
strong-willed, responsible decisions.

“Courage is the quality that guarantees all others.”
- Winston Churchill

These are the TRUE Leaders…
They are those who Thinks Big. Believes Big. And Acts Big.

“For better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even
though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they lie in the gray
twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” - Theodore Roosevelt

In this present world of "insecurity" and just "paper-pushing", finding

TRUE Leaders is like looking for a needle in a haystack…
you would only know one when you get pricked

See, most organizations are just filled and continue to be filled with
“technical” or “mainstream” leaders… thus, the crisis has been cyclic.

17 days ago when I posted a “question” at LinkedIn, Futurist Frank Feather
aptly responded with an excerpt from his book, “Futuristic Leadership”…

“There is a big difference between routine leadership and truly futuristic
leadership. Leadership is not a job title. Leaders routinely hold executive
positions, but routine leaders rarely renew organizations to attain fresh
success in an ever-changing world. Routine leaders tend to manage the

status quo, and they thus fall behind what the ever-changing operating
environment demands
. By contrast, futuristic leaders stay well ahead
of the trends. They simply make the future happen.”

Now, as companies “blindly” seek leaders who fits the glass slippers,

they fail to realize that anything could happen with these “slippers”.

TRUE Leaders
arise when these “slippers” get broken or damaged.
They are those who understands if the slippers could still be mended

and used again, or if they would need to create a new and better one

“Experience in wearing” these slippers are just for the lesser breed.
“Understanding the feet” is for the rare breed… the TRUE Leaders.


Actually, it is in fact difficult to predict who will be the “high-flyers” in
Leadership; however, Good judges of character may be able to sense
by intuition when they interview someone with this potential for
Great Leadership.

Often s/he may seem to be someone who “does not fit” the jobs
available, for s/he will come into his/her own at a higher level, or
perhaps in some situation in the future with the leaders of organization
today have not even dreamt about.

“As far as the leader is concerned, he is not one of a group; and if he
is a TRUE leader and not just a bell-wether, the lead sheep in a flock
with a bell around its neck that the rest will follow, he never will belong.
A leader is always something of an outsider. He must see over the heads
of the group and beyond it. He has more ‘stature’ in the sense that one
can measure the stature of a man by how far he sees. Very often leaders

see so far that they are not recognized early. They are prophets whom
lesser men fail to understand
. It is only when the coincidence of vision
and moment is right that what the leader has to say makes sense to
lesser men.” - David Stinton

For lesser men, they want to see you become a successful leader (CEO)
before they would even listen to what you have to say. For them,
your history is important as they do not really comprehend the Depth of
your Vision. In fact, they do not really appreciate your Knowledge,
for them it’s just theory. They do not see that it is really Character that is
responsible for decision-making. They do not really value your Imagination…
for they simply lack the creativity that only Great problem-solvers possess.
Yet although, these “leaders” could not even articulate, many “blindly”
follow them because they themselves are “confused” as to what
credibility and REAL capacity is.

Leadership is just really a matter of Aspiration and Opportunity… and,
…TRUE Leaders emerge when you accept that it’s time for a Better World.

“Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.”
- Winston Churchill


A TRUE Leader is a “secure” Visionary with great inner strength and drive.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Leading In The Midst Of Unprofessionals...

To be CEO... you got to do what it takes to pave the way towards
being one. Still, to be CEO is simply a matter of Opportunity.
This is just like being given the chance to play; all you have to do
now is to make your shots.

As the saying goes...
"Chance favours the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur

Nonetheless, to be a Great CEO, you should have the "courage"
to take that chance. After all, life is about taking risks...
but in business, we certainly know it's calculated risk.
Mind you, we won't really accomplish anything without "courage".
As to just deal with investors, shareholders, etc. is "peanuts".
It's simply relationship-building to get the "green light" among
those who already likes you.

Now, what if they don't like you? Of course, you will be out.

Remember the case of Jesus Christ?
The Pharisees did not like Him as their Messiah and so, with
the support of the greater majority - He was crucified.

Yes, to be That Leader, you should have that "courage" to be
"steadfast" specially when the chips are down.

To be liked goes beyond one's ability to deliver - even in business.
Look at Jesus and many other "great" leaders of different fields...
they got "cut off". This is why there's chaos in this world since...
because of INSECURITY.

To Lead in the midst of Unprofessionals...
this is Leadership Purification

Think about this...
Why would there be "insecurity" if a person has REAL Talent?
A "confident" person IS cooperative to good endeavours, while
PRIDE is a sign of "insecurity". And INSECURITY sprouts
when a person sees there is "someone better" than s/he is...
that the "confidence" of this person is soon replaced with
destructive energies.

"For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there
you find disorder and every evil practice."
- James 3:16

Envy is made manifest when the ball is no longer passed to
you... when you are no longer heard... when you hear "talks"...
when your responsibilities or authority is curbed OR when you
are removed from any sort of group (business, sports, etc.)
without "justifiable" reasons.

Consider this...
When you are REALLY good and Ambitious - it creates critics...
it creates enemies. This is when your path is shaken... when
your Leadership skills undergoes purification.

Envy affects relationships... affects teamwork... affects objectives.

Even so, to "quit" is NEVER an option. Ever.

"The Greatest Leaders of men are purified
by the water of affliction."

Hence, it is for you to handle such negativity with "decisiveness".

Here's something to ponder in Jeffrey J. Fox's Rule Number 61,
"Assassinate the Character Assassin with a Single Phrase."

One of the most dangerous impediments to one's career is the
character assassin. The character assassin usually thrives in a
firm racked by office politics. But he can be anywhere. He can
be your boss. He is always dishonest, ambitious, and treache-
rous. The character assassin targets the up-and-comers. He
goes after all potential rivals, but upward striving managers are
likely victims because they tend to take more risks and make
more mistakes.

The character assassin instinctively understands Mark Twain's
brilliant observation on falsehood. Twain wrote in his essay
"Advice to Youth" that the "truth is not hard to kill," but "a lie
well told is immortal."

The character assassin is obvious and apparent to the keen
observer, and he will and does attack everyone. These two
traits are his vulnerability.

When conversation with a colleague turns to the character
assassin, and it will, if you are a target, simply say, "Of course,
with Mr. X, no one is spared."

Your colleague, knowing of Mr. X's style, will assume he, too,
has been a recent target. Assassin assassinated.


Never lose your head.

A coach in panic has his players in panic. A President in panic
signals uncertainty and gloom to the organization. If you lose
your head, you would not be able to control the situation.
Therefore, be strong and always be guided by objectives.

As John Feeney has commented on my blog...
"Secrets To Mastering YOUR Field" (10.22.08)

"Bringing a dream to life will be the greatest challenge anyone
can undertake. What needs to be addressed is the simple fact,
the minute you try to do something good in your life, the natural
forces of evil will appear to stop you at every turn. It only proves
your decision was right. Now do you have the determination to
fight through the obstacles?"

See, we all have dreams to achieve... just be "steadfast and fair."

"Know it's your decisions not your conditions
that determine your destiny."

So, how has the ambitions and abilities of others affected you?

If you are indeed CEO, you must be confident enough to produce
Leaders (not eliminate) without feeling threatened in any way.

"And as ye would that men should do to you,
do ye also to them likewise."
- Luke 6:31

To be a Great Leader... make everyone (specially fellow Leaders)
realize that THERE IS enough Opportunity for us all to be happy
and successful - it's just a matter of "cooperation."

Lead by example... Grow and uphold Integrity at all times.

To Lead in an Insecure World... be empathic yet decisive.

Monday, December 1, 2008

To Be A TOP Global Executive...

Does one have to be in Fortune’s Top 1000 Corporations to be
considered among the Top Global Executives? Is it logical enough
to correlate Top Corporations and Top Executives?

Many average thinkers would certainly agree on this proposition,
however, think about this first… “How did they become Executives
anyway?”… “What are the factors that influenced their rise to
the Top?”

Certainly, we are aware of factors such as work habits, timing, luck,
competitors, personality, supporters, talent, circumstances, and so
on. But to simply enumerate these is like not having any definite
goal. Why?

Sure, we need all of those but we can’t acquire them all at the
same time; at most, we should already have developed good
Work Ethics and People Skills to go with our Talent while picking up
on the other elements.

Since this is the case, what we need is to apply pressure on what
would then help us most in our aspirations… while setting up the
rest into favourable conditions to ascertain our climb.

In “How To Become CEO” by Jeffrey Fox, consider Rule Number 20
“Earn Your Invitation Credentials”…

In every corporation there is, at the top, a cosa nostra, an inner,
special family. This is the group that ultimately decides on who
becomes CEO and for how long he will be in office. You must be
invited into this inner group. You can not simply work your way in

or earn your way in with outstanding contributions. You must
have more than talent
. You have to acquire the same credentials
that characterize those in the inner circle.

These characteristics are usually different in every corporation.
In some corporations all the top people were salespeople early
in their careers, or worked in a favored division, or were there
“at the beginning,” or are Jewish or Boston Brahmin, or members
of the founding family.

Find out who is in the inner circle. Find out why they are.
Determine the necessary credentials. If the credentials are
impossible to acquire, judge whether they might accept a token
outsider (they often do). If you can’t ever get the credentials, go
to a corporation where you can.

If the top bank executives are all ex-loan officers, be sure to serve
a stint making loans. If everyone in the executive suite is an
engineer, you’d better be an engineer. If the top people were
once salespeople, then carry the bag.

You can become CEO of the organization without being invited
in, but you won’t last. You will be kicked out in three to five years
by either a powerful manager, a large shareholder, or by the ruling
clique of the board of directors.

Now, does being the Head of an MNC put one in a position into
becoming a Real Global Executive? Not necessarily.
For one, you don’t have to be CEO just to be called “Executive”;
next, there are several things that induces a professional’s path to
make it to an MNC; and, this cosa nostra is not so much about
talent but political clout. This means, there certainly are others
not just in the organization (but outside as well) who could be
better than the CEO; but because of this inner circle, the choice for
the Top Post is influenced.

Are you with me?

Hence, to be among the Top Global Executives, the single most
important factor to affect would be – SUPPORTERS. After all,
what is a Leader without “followers”?

And to be among the TOP 1000 Global Executives…
We need the Global Trumpets of MEDIA

Thus, it is but sensible to start “gaining supporters” now by learning
to inspire towards objectives and subsequently, “give due credit.”

“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself,
or to get all the credit for doing it.”
– Andrew Carnegie

What more? “Build Reputation” by spotting, investing, and
developing Great Talents.

“The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the
knowledge and ability of its people. The productivity of that
capital depends on how effectively people share their
competence with those who can use it.”
– Andrew Carnegie

By “giving due credit” and “building reputation”, the voice of
your Supporters would echo throughout the Organization…
helping you strengthen that Image of being a Success Builder.

Consequently, to be among the TOP 1000 Global Executives... you
need to shout to the world that a Great Talent like you Exist, just
like campaigning for the Presidency!

“I want to be at the table and a player when they move the pieces
around in America.”
- Rupert Murdoch, Australian-born U.S.
media magnate

Therefore, make everybody if possible, realize that…
“Accomplishments would Obviously follow WHEN YOU’RE HEARD.”
For with Great confidence and determination among others,

a chance to perform is an invitation to succeed. It’s just simple
logic… those who make shots are the ones given the “opportunity”
to play; whilst the Great ones are those who has the “courage”
to take that shot at crunch time.

As, if you are indeed “ambitious” , an Achiever – it is expected
that you would “really” exploit on every Defining Opportunity.

To be a TOP Global Executive… let your “voice” be Heard.