Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leadership Transferability...

Sometime ago, I had this question over at LinkedIn - "Would you
Phil Jackson?"; and recently a sports-related question that I
as well was asked, "Do athletes have an edge in the
what do we see here?

Possible career change opportunities for capable professionals.
consequently, the question of skills transferability that goes
with it.

"All business, from potato chips to washing machines to jet
is about people selling to people." - Tom Peters

Everything is really just common sense including business. Yet
many who are fortunate to be in the right place at the right
, they
try to add prestige in what they do, which is good; but
most do it at
the expense of those trying to make a cross-over
in their careers.
They try to make it sound complicated.

Why? This brings us to a reasonable conclusion that they are
afraid of competition or simply intimidated by
great talents who could
run them aground. Talking of self
confidence, huh? Kaput. For if
one really has it, he would
acknowledge that experience is simply
repetition. Oh, well,
how many times have I said that in the past

Anything can be learned and mastered by one who is truly
enthusiastic -
it's just a matter of learning ability. More so,
it's one's brain that
solves problems, creates and innovates.

As far as "applied experience" is concerned - tell this to the
who questions such. They maybe in the slower group.

"Revolutions aren't made by gadgets and technology.
made by a shift in power, which is taking place all
over the world.
Today, intellectual capital is at least as important
as money capital
and probably more so." - Walter B. Wriston

Have you ever wondered how an insecure person became a
Could he have just been surrounded by much lesser
After all, birds of the same feather flock together.
Ooops, wait a second.
This is never to demean anyone but to
challenge the seated and
specially those who claim to be
"forward thinking" Leaders.

It's about time you recognize how highly competitive professionals
from other sectors are. One would not dare make a career
transition if he does not believe he could contribute and succeed
on the other side of the fence - specially if he is a Leader.

Transferability is a question not for real talents but for the
minds. Competence is a matter of opportunity.

"The truly successful businessman is essentially a dissenter,
a rebel who is seldom if ever satisfied with the status quo."
~ J. Paul Getty