Monday, March 1, 2010

Executive Hires...

Leadership is present in almost any area of life. We can see it's
applicability in every worthy undertaking. Since this is the case, what
difference does it make to hire someone from advertising to lead in
manufacturing? Or what would make you think twice in getting on
board a leader in transition? Experience? Skills? Knowledge? What?

Undoubtedly, no business is in business to lose money. However,
companies that do not evolve in it's thinking process eventually gets
left behind.

"A little blindness is necessary when you undertake risk." - Bill Gates

People can make or unmake a company. But if you do not take that
chance, you would never really land a great talent. Yes, we heard you...
many times, one's background is enough to hire "what you expected";
however, people who knows that they can not possibly know
everything but are willing to work hard succeeds.

Achievers are those who understands that you are only as good as
your last game. This means, true achievers are those with burning
desires to "continuously" achieve. These are not the people who
simply plays safe. These are those who got the guts to bend rules...
those who understands the risk and navigates his way through
it just like how a firefighter saves lives.

To move forward, you got to think forward. To be ready for change,
you have to be change yourself. A leader does not wait for things to
happen. A leader makes things happen.

How would you know the quality of something if all you do is look not
analyze? Do not let "perfect" be the enemy of "better", specially in
people. Nobody is perfect. How much more a "perfect fit"?

"The best rose bush, after all, is not that which has the fewest thorns,
but that which bears the finest roses." - Henry van Dyke

A "perfect fit" is just a state of mind. It's an illusion created by those
who does not have the courage to take that leap. So, they content
themselves with a thinking that it's either black or white. They never
really realized that they could produce either color by blending other

Great achievement is born of courage and creativity.

Certainly, familiarity would help; but getting to the next level is not
about familiarity -- it's about character strength and intellectual

Experience is simply exposure. It teaches but it's "intelligence" that
could solve complex problems “more than” experience can. Problem
solving is not a habit as experience is. Problem solving is in one's
intellectual capacity, so is creativity, analysis and resourcefulness.
Determination and decisiveness is about character strength.

Let's take finance for example.

For leaders who boasts of and for those who are worried of their
financial knowledge, finance just sounds perplexing only because
of it's terms, but actually, everything just falls under the four basic
mathematical operations. Let me ask you, how long did it take you
to learn the multiplication table? Whatever your answer is, that's
an indication of your financial learning ability. See??

Everything else... is really common sense. Balance out risks, look
for good investments, maximize profits and optimize costs not
merely minimize it.

Since everything can be learned and acquired, then it really boils
down to enthusiasm, learning ability and being given that opportunity.

“Experience is just for the Ordinary while Imagination is for the Extra-Ordinary.”