Friday, June 18, 2010

Building That Institution... Part II

How is your company so far? Is it moving in the direction stated
your vision? How's the people within your organization? Are
working for you just because they need a job? Or are they
because they truly believe in the organization?

Believe. That's the key word. Believe. Faith moves mountains.

"The accomplishment of individual and collective purposes in
the most fulfilling ways possible will create winning
organizations." - Craig R. Hickman

Once we get people to our side, then we have taken that crucial
step into building that institution. It's all about shared goals. It's
about mutual benefits. It's all about commitment.

You see, a great vision is nothing if you are unable to get
from your people, from your audience. And
commitment, I mean,
is really all about continuity.

Look around you. Any worthwhile undertaking or important
without continuity, will go to waste. Say, a president
may have
started great projects but if these are stalled when he
is no longer
around, what's the use?

Continuity. That's what an "institution" is all about. To build one,
you strengthen your today. Today is a gift, that is why it's called
present. Thus, you do what it takes to build a strong
Understand what you have and use your today
wisely, only then
have you paved the road for continuity.

Building an institution takes more than just a vision. You need
cooperation from others and courage from yourself.

"Those who are going to be in business tomorrow are those
understand that the future, as always, belongs to the
- William Bernbach

Do you have what it takes?

The future is not for the adamant but for the open-minded. It is
for the selfish but for the caring. Not for the "first to get there"
for the forward thinking. The "first to get there" could be
for air but the forward thinking would still have much to

The future... is not for the traditional mind
but for the courageous heart.

Do you honestly know where you stand?

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once
made a courageous decision." - Peter Drucker

Friday, June 4, 2010

Building That Institution...

From establishing a corporate culture, let's now get into building
institution; and again, it all starts with that one person on the

"The beliefs that mold great organizations frequently grow out
of the character, the experience, and the convictions of a single
person." - Thomas Watson, Jr.

See how big that one person could be? Big enough, actually, to
impact not only his company but his industry and society as well.
This then only confirms yet another truth which is "with great
comes great responsibility".

Whether you are CEO or not...
Are you ready for "greater" responsibility?

Mind you, responsibility is not about "I" or "me" but about "we"
"us". It's not about flamboyance but about objectives. In this
to be ready for responsibility, you got to be a team player
and be
ready to sacrifice if needed to win as a team. For true
legacy is not
based on how much one scored but how much his
"team" has won.
Hence, a true Leader's fulfillment is in seeing
his men satisfied and

More than products or services, a heart for others and eyes on
the goal only are the building blocks of a true institution. And as
Leader, you are the company. And your company is what
would make of it.

"Corporations, because they are the dominant institution on
planet, must squarely address the social and environmental
problems that afflict mankind." - Paul Hawken

Soft is different from empathetic as stupidity is different from
humility. A caring company is loved not just by its employees but
by society as well. If all your shareholders care for is the bottom
then you are not working with a true institution but an
unenviable corporation that
would later on adulterate even your
grandchildren's children.

"In every era, society must strike the right balance between the
freedom businesses need to compete for a market share and
make profits and the preservation of family and community
values." - Hillary Clinton

Yes, again, you may not be a "charitable institution" per se but
and advancement, in whatever form, is not everything --
being human
is. So if you still care then take the lead... start
building that
institution, an institution that truly understands where
we are going.

Is this important? Only if your legacy is. Only if your family is.

"Perhaps the biggest responsibility of any corporation is to own
up when it makes a mistake." - Lee Iacocca