Friday, May 21, 2010

Creating That Corporate Culture...

By the definition of culture alone, one could say that corporate
has something to do with the values, customs, and
traditions of a
particular company. In short, its simply about
that vital working environment.

Hence, what determines corporate culture? And who shapes it?

First, culture is determined by the kind of business the company
engaged in. And of course, the top honcho lays out the kind of
he wants to have. Well, almost everybody would point out
the apex
but realistically, it is the CEO's personality aided by his
that molds the corporate culture.

So, if one's business is about car washing, it's culture is a bit free
wheeling; if you are into accounting services, the culture is a bit
more sober. Still, without management's continuous support and
regular monitoring, the machinery would break down.

"A company's ethical conduct is something like a big flywheel.
might have a lot of momentum, but it will eventually slow down
stop unless you add energy." - William Adams

This culture is crucial in having a sound and satisfied army to
out business objectives. And it all starts with the Head.

He must be the example. He must commit himself totally to the
company and to its products or services. He must understand
believe in the company's mission. He must personalize the
company's culture, and then add to it. He must do these
unflaggingly, publicly and without reserve -- otherwise, why work
in such a company?

"We've replaced the concept of having a job with having a
- John Meyers

Thus, when recruiting your army, you need to carefully assess
candidate's personality more than his experience if he
would thrive
in your kind of atmosphere and so much so, if he
believes in your vision.

Skills can be learned but personality is hard to change. This is
the "perfect fit" is really all about; and using your good
is a great way to get "good" hires... simply because
your personalities
jibe. On the other hand, traditional job posting
and screening only
brings you traditional workers.

"The most visible difference between the corporation of the
and its present-day counterpart will not be the products
they make
or the equipment they use -- but who will be working,
how will they
be working, why they will be working, and what work
will mean to
them." - Robert Haas

A wonderful corporate culture is like having a big, happy family...
where issues easily mend and things just falls into place with
minimal effort. And as captain of the ship, steer with confidence.

"What we are trying relentlessly to do is get that small company
soul -- and small company speed -- inside our big company."
- Jack Welch

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coping With The Times...

Life does not always go as planned, no matter how proactive one
may be. This is why every person on earth is afraid, if not,
of something.

Have you heard of the six basic fears that could ruin man's quest
for success and happiness?

The fear of poverty, death, ill-health, loss of love, old age and the
fear of criticism?

Are you aware of which one you have, if not one of the six then
maybe something else? Well, for one to be able to live his life
the fullest, he should know how to conquer his fear.

Yes, the world has gone through a lot... good times and bad
But notice? Everything eventually fades, so why worry?

We are all in here together. Each one of us had nothing to do
his own coming and certainly, only little if ever, with his own
But does this mean that we could be idle, just have fun
and wait
for our death??

Of course not.

As a Leader, one is supposed to lead the way, to show how life
most everything else should be handled, to be the example.
Life is
short yet enough for us to make it meaningful.

See, a Leader is never content, otherwise, everything would
sooner than expected. Imagine if we stop innovating on
or whatever, what would happen? Things would seem
Life would get dull. Yet, is life all about materialism and
things like that? No. We don't live in an aquarium. Hence, for
the sake of the generations to
come, we must try to do business
with social responsibility.

Preserve the greens.
Put a check on morality.
Provide for everyone.

"You're not going to transform society until you transform
But you're not going to transform business by
pretending it's not
a business." - Lawrence Perlman

Indeed, the world has evolved into a more comfortable though
pace of life through business. And for many, change has
not only
brought excitement but fear and more competition.

Look with all the advancement coming around us, have we ran
of problems? Of diseases? Of issues? Instead, something
always seem to crop up just before things could be solved, right?

Should we just give up? Definitely not. Giving up is like suicide.
Bear in mind that our business in this world is to succeed and
be fulfilled. "A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins!"

How then do you cope with change?

Conquer time by conquering yourself.
Uphold values. And get better.

"If your hands can not be employed usefully,
attend to the culture of your mind." - James A. Garfield

Take note, no matter how successful a person already is,
people need people, he understands that being
altruistic is the key
to coping with the times... to conquering fear,
worry or the unknown.

Thus, build and value relationships.
Be helpful... what goes around, comes around.

“I want a revolution, and I want it to start in Crotonville." - Jack Welch