Friday, July 16, 2010

Your People...

How many of you still thinks that employees are expenses
of assets? We have heard of this. So, one... thousands?


Well, perhaps these people would say "just look at the books,
do employees fall on?" Uhmm... trying to use logic huh,
blind? This is like, which came first, chicken or egg?
There are those
who would say egg, for they would argue that
before becoming a
chicken, it would still be an egg.

Alright then. We'd just run circles if we fall for that. It's just like
that employees are expenses instead of assets.

You want logic, here's logic.

Did God create Cain or Abel before He did Adam and Eve?
Did God
fashion an egg before showing us the chicken?
You might say "but
that's not business". Right.

Leaders, readers... everything is simply common sense.
complicate things to make it sound prestigious. It would
only show
how shallow you are if that's the case. Everything
can be learned. And if only you
look deeper, you would realize
how valuable your employees are.
And it's not because others
say so, but because you really
understand how business works.

"A personnel man with his arm around an employee is like
treasurer with his hand in the till." - Robert Townsend

Without employees, you would not have the people to help you

produce... from visualizing to creating to innovating to marketing

to selling to collecting and all.

Oh, what if you are a "one-man army"? Guess what? We are
talking about the value of the employee not about yours. For if
insist on that argument then sadly, you are narcissistic and
do not
deserve to have employees.

"It is difficult to love mankind unless one has a reasonable
income and when one has a reasonable income,
one has better
things to do than loving mankind."
~ Hugh Kingsmill

Without empathy, you can never be that Leader. Yes, you could

pay your people to do this and that; but have you ever wondered
of what your performance appraisal would be if they be the ones
to do it on you instead? Good?? Technically possible, however,
satisfaction, respect and loyalty is yours if you not only know
job but understand and value your people.

Do you? Then walk the talk.

"People are people... not personnel." - Tom Peters

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