Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your People... Part II

So... still skeptical about the value of your people? Of course not,
as you would say. But how come you could just fire them or lay

Well, firing is understandable if competence has negatively
productivity. But what about laying off?

"Recession isn't the fault of the workers. If management take
risk of hiring them, we have to take the responsibility for
~ Morita Akio

Oh, so, it's the outside factors. Yet, who is in charge of the
direction? The Executives. Particularly the CEO.
Hence, if there's
anyone who should be "laid off", shouldn't it be
the CEO? Makes
more sense, right?

Yes, CEOs and everybody else can be fired, recession or not
but for
ineptitude or worse... for embezzlement. But why lay off
your people
if not for those reasons? As the Leader, can't you
find any other
means than what you think as an obvious

"If corporate health falters, the priority should be to mobilize
potential, to restore or maintain trust and civic
behaviour and to
increase professionalism and good
citizenship." - Arie De Geus

See, we even keep telling the world our people is like family.
People, WACADAD.
"Words are cheap and deeds are dear".
When you say family, you
should be aware of the responsibilities
that go with it. Unfortunately,
many just likes the fun, no wonder
why there's so many break ups.

Hold it there. Let's get off the down side and back to business.

Family is about staying together for better or for worse. If there's
a problem, you talk about it, you look for ways, you don't blame
each other and separate. You hold on even more in tough times.
Family makes each other better people.

An organization who really treats people like family understands
what family is; and applies its principles resulting in a stronger
unit ready for challenges and always aspiring.

"You do not get good people if you lay off half your work force
because one year the economy isn't very good and then
you hire
them back." - Ken Iverson

Value your people just like how you value your customers.
Treat your people just like how you treat your family.

Notice, successful organizations and families have, among
others, the most crucial thing in common -- they are happy.
when you are happy, it brings out the best in you.
Everything is
done with much enthusiasm, great ideas just
come pouring in,
and the cash register, yes, the cash register... just keeps ringing!

Do you know how to make your people happy?

Stay tuned.

"You are the company, its success depends and reflects on
how much you value your people."

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