Sunday, September 19, 2010

Growing Your Seeds... Part III

Almost always, having a case study makes discussions and
explanations clearer; and for the audience, it's just a matter of
an open mind to go with receptive ears; hence, let's start
this blog
from where we left off.

"How come when I want a pair of hands, I get a human being
as well?"
- Henry Ford

As a human being, bear in mind that you are dealing with fellow
human beings as well. Respect is the key to good relationships.

As a Leader, you would go a long way if you know how to value

We may belong to different races, speak different languages,
practice different traditions but realize that God created us
although under different circumstances.

This means, with brains and the right attitude, we can make it...
it's just a question of cooperation. See, we know that we are all
this together, so, why not just help each other? Worry not
is still a pie for everybody so don't be deaf. If life is
then learn to really listen.

You might say, "but we are into business, why include talks of
Well, business is part of life. And for one to say such puts
a dent
to his being, as does this mean that one could just plow
with money? Is he a conscientious Leader then?
Worth following?
You might succeed to a certain point but
sooner or later your
principles would hurt you.

"Management and union maybe likened to that serpent of the
who on one body had two heads that, fighting each other
poisonous fangs, killed themselves." - Peter Drucker

What happened to Dan Gilbert and LeBron James was such a
They had their points but they did not "talk" before coming
out in the
open. Look what happened? Their break up hurt them
both whether they realize it or not.
Sure the Cavs may find
another "LeBron" in the future and James
could win a
championship with Miami -- but at what expense?

Currently, they have hurt their public image. Later on, LeBron
either hurt his legacy or his new found relationships
after some time
specially with Dwyane Wade who not only is
the Heat's franchise
player but plays exactly like James.
Some inside competition
brewing, huh? And it could be unhealthy.

Oh yes, Magic had Worthy and Kareem while Jordan had Pippen
and Rodman -- but come to think of it, it's really a different case.
James and Chris Bosh are no rookies nor veterans in their 30's
but in their prime when they were acquired.

And Dan Gilbert?
His emotions could give worry to his organization and every
entity he deals with.

Yet, let's just wait and see... as only time can tell.

In the end, it would boil down to accepting roles and team
chemistry as how it is for a regular business organization that
laymen understands it to be.

This is the challenge for its Leaders -- growing your seeds.

"A well-run business must have high and consistent standards of
ethics." - Richard Branson

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