Monday, December 15, 2008

The Emergence of THE LEADER...

In life, heroes emerge when villains rise. This has even been constantly
“depicted” in stories and movies when police authorities could no longer
contain criminality.

In business as in life, heroes are the TRUE Leaders who surfaces when
everything around tumbles down, collapses and explodes yet feeling like
fishes in its native element. These are the “rare” breed who can find
strength, will and organizational talent inside to change things for the
better. These are the kind that won’t be afraid of pushing a situation to
the extreme to find the final solution.

These are the TRUE Leaders… and “courage” is their most obvious mark.
People of this psychological type may unfold their professional potential
and occupy leading positions during crisis; or in situations demanding
strong-willed, responsible decisions.

“Courage is the quality that guarantees all others.”
- Winston Churchill

These are the TRUE Leaders…
They are those who Thinks Big. Believes Big. And Acts Big.

“For better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even
though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they lie in the gray
twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” - Theodore Roosevelt

In this present world of "insecurity" and just "paper-pushing", finding

TRUE Leaders is like looking for a needle in a haystack…
you would only know one when you get pricked

See, most organizations are just filled and continue to be filled with
“technical” or “mainstream” leaders… thus, the crisis has been cyclic.

17 days ago when I posted a “question” at LinkedIn, Futurist Frank Feather
aptly responded with an excerpt from his book, “Futuristic Leadership”…

“There is a big difference between routine leadership and truly futuristic
leadership. Leadership is not a job title. Leaders routinely hold executive
positions, but routine leaders rarely renew organizations to attain fresh
success in an ever-changing world. Routine leaders tend to manage the

status quo, and they thus fall behind what the ever-changing operating
environment demands
. By contrast, futuristic leaders stay well ahead
of the trends. They simply make the future happen.”

Now, as companies “blindly” seek leaders who fits the glass slippers,

they fail to realize that anything could happen with these “slippers”.

TRUE Leaders
arise when these “slippers” get broken or damaged.
They are those who understands if the slippers could still be mended

and used again, or if they would need to create a new and better one

“Experience in wearing” these slippers are just for the lesser breed.
“Understanding the feet” is for the rare breed… the TRUE Leaders.


Actually, it is in fact difficult to predict who will be the “high-flyers” in
Leadership; however, Good judges of character may be able to sense
by intuition when they interview someone with this potential for
Great Leadership.

Often s/he may seem to be someone who “does not fit” the jobs
available, for s/he will come into his/her own at a higher level, or
perhaps in some situation in the future with the leaders of organization
today have not even dreamt about.

“As far as the leader is concerned, he is not one of a group; and if he
is a TRUE leader and not just a bell-wether, the lead sheep in a flock
with a bell around its neck that the rest will follow, he never will belong.
A leader is always something of an outsider. He must see over the heads
of the group and beyond it. He has more ‘stature’ in the sense that one
can measure the stature of a man by how far he sees. Very often leaders

see so far that they are not recognized early. They are prophets whom
lesser men fail to understand
. It is only when the coincidence of vision
and moment is right that what the leader has to say makes sense to
lesser men.” - David Stinton

For lesser men, they want to see you become a successful leader (CEO)
before they would even listen to what you have to say. For them,
your history is important as they do not really comprehend the Depth of
your Vision. In fact, they do not really appreciate your Knowledge,
for them it’s just theory. They do not see that it is really Character that is
responsible for decision-making. They do not really value your Imagination…
for they simply lack the creativity that only Great problem-solvers possess.
Yet although, these “leaders” could not even articulate, many “blindly”
follow them because they themselves are “confused” as to what
credibility and REAL capacity is.

Leadership is just really a matter of Aspiration and Opportunity… and,
…TRUE Leaders emerge when you accept that it’s time for a Better World.

“Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.”
- Winston Churchill


A TRUE Leader is a “secure” Visionary with great inner strength and drive.

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Anonymous said...

Lack of leadership is everywhere. The results could be as little as loss of revenue to complete catastrophe. When will they learn? When will WE learn?