Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leadership Transferability...

Sometime ago, I had this question over at LinkedIn - "Would you
Phil Jackson?"; and recently a sports-related question that I
as well was asked, "Do athletes have an edge in the
what do we see here?

Possible career change opportunities for capable professionals.
consequently, the question of skills transferability that goes
with it.

"All business, from potato chips to washing machines to jet
is about people selling to people." - Tom Peters

Everything is really just common sense including business. Yet
many who are fortunate to be in the right place at the right
, they
try to add prestige in what they do, which is good; but
most do it at
the expense of those trying to make a cross-over
in their careers.
They try to make it sound complicated.

Why? This brings us to a reasonable conclusion that they are
afraid of competition or simply intimidated by
great talents who could
run them aground. Talking of self
confidence, huh? Kaput. For if
one really has it, he would
acknowledge that experience is simply
repetition. Oh, well,
how many times have I said that in the past

Anything can be learned and mastered by one who is truly
enthusiastic -
it's just a matter of learning ability. More so,
it's one's brain that
solves problems, creates and innovates.

As far as "applied experience" is concerned - tell this to the
who questions such. They maybe in the slower group.

"Revolutions aren't made by gadgets and technology.
made by a shift in power, which is taking place all
over the world.
Today, intellectual capital is at least as important
as money capital
and probably more so." - Walter B. Wriston

Have you ever wondered how an insecure person became a
Could he have just been surrounded by much lesser
After all, birds of the same feather flock together.
Ooops, wait a second.
This is never to demean anyone but to
challenge the seated and
specially those who claim to be
"forward thinking" Leaders.

It's about time you recognize how highly competitive professionals
from other sectors are. One would not dare make a career
transition if he does not believe he could contribute and succeed
on the other side of the fence - specially if he is a Leader.

Transferability is a question not for real talents but for the
minds. Competence is a matter of opportunity.

"The truly successful businessman is essentially a dissenter,
a rebel who is seldom if ever satisfied with the status quo."
~ J. Paul Getty

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Growing Your Seeds... Part III

Almost always, having a case study makes discussions and
explanations clearer; and for the audience, it's just a matter of
an open mind to go with receptive ears; hence, let's start
this blog
from where we left off.

"How come when I want a pair of hands, I get a human being
as well?"
- Henry Ford

As a human being, bear in mind that you are dealing with fellow
human beings as well. Respect is the key to good relationships.

As a Leader, you would go a long way if you know how to value

We may belong to different races, speak different languages,
practice different traditions but realize that God created us
although under different circumstances.

This means, with brains and the right attitude, we can make it...
it's just a question of cooperation. See, we know that we are all
this together, so, why not just help each other? Worry not
is still a pie for everybody so don't be deaf. If life is
then learn to really listen.

You might say, "but we are into business, why include talks of
Well, business is part of life. And for one to say such puts
a dent
to his being, as does this mean that one could just plow
with money? Is he a conscientious Leader then?
Worth following?
You might succeed to a certain point but
sooner or later your
principles would hurt you.

"Management and union maybe likened to that serpent of the
who on one body had two heads that, fighting each other
poisonous fangs, killed themselves." - Peter Drucker

What happened to Dan Gilbert and LeBron James was such a
They had their points but they did not "talk" before coming
out in the
open. Look what happened? Their break up hurt them
both whether they realize it or not.
Sure the Cavs may find
another "LeBron" in the future and James
could win a
championship with Miami -- but at what expense?

Currently, they have hurt their public image. Later on, LeBron
either hurt his legacy or his new found relationships
after some time
specially with Dwyane Wade who not only is
the Heat's franchise
player but plays exactly like James.
Some inside competition
brewing, huh? And it could be unhealthy.

Oh yes, Magic had Worthy and Kareem while Jordan had Pippen
and Rodman -- but come to think of it, it's really a different case.
James and Chris Bosh are no rookies nor veterans in their 30's
but in their prime when they were acquired.

And Dan Gilbert?
His emotions could give worry to his organization and every
entity he deals with.

Yet, let's just wait and see... as only time can tell.

In the end, it would boil down to accepting roles and team
chemistry as how it is for a regular business organization that
laymen understands it to be.

This is the challenge for its Leaders -- growing your seeds.

"A well-run business must have high and consistent standards of
ethics." - Richard Branson

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Growing Your Seeds... Part II

There is this line in a song that goes... "Why do we always hurt
ones we love?"; and certainly, this is true. People could
never avoid
hurting the ones they love no matter how hard they
try. This is
because it is with them that we regularly interact with,
and so
misunderstandings are inevitable.

Think about this then. If these things happen with family, how
more with others whom attachments are not as deep?
In this case,
at work.

For this article, let us talk a bit about relationships --
work relationships.

"Top management must know how good or bad employees'
conditions are. They must eat in the employees'
visit the... lavatories. If they are not good enough
for those in charge,
they are not good enough for anyone."
~ Marcus Sieff

You must have heard of putting oneself in the shoes of another;
this is to help one understand others. This is what empathy
is all
about. Even the Bible speaks of doing to others what you
want them
do to you. This is the foundation of good relationships.
Yet as we
know, misunderstandings still happen.

Again, why?

Because of constant interaction? Well, we have mentioned that
earlier that even family with shared goals undergo it. Do we then
stop interacting? Of course not! That would be ridiculous!
No life,
no business, no nothing!

"When there's a deep-seated conflict between management
labor, it's because of autocratic management practices."
~ Ken Iverson

In the sports industry, for those of you who have followed the
summer free agency rush... remember the issue between
Cavaliers' owner Dan Gilbert and LeBron James?

A surprised Dan Gilbert had his emotions run high after LeBron
ditched the Cavs. It was but natural for the people of Cleveland
feel dismayed as well as LeBron is the team's star; in
terms, he's the star salesman. However, a private,
no holds
barred meeting between parties could have been held
the decision was made to settle what needs to be settled.

Growing your seeds takes a lot of effort but rewards are great
when you understand how to do it... and do it. More next issue.

"An organization can develop a strong and vibrant voice of
conscience only by finding ways to harmonize its multiple
of conscience." - Frederick Bruce Bird

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Growing Your Seeds...

We have just had the third part of our series Your People but then,
it does not end there. And why not? Human resources is, after all,
an organization's greatest asset. Fathom that while management
is about technicalities, leadership is about people. Oh yes, I heard
you... Vision. But then, vision involves steering your organization,
your people to a higher level.

"We desperately need... a national and global economy in which
people act not only as consumers but as citizens, in which workers
reassert their responsibility for themselves and the success of
their companies." - Hillary Clinton

See? The foundation of a great company lies on how well it handles
its people. You know that... unfortunately, not all knows how to bring
out the best in their people.


People in your company should not be taken for granted, but
nurtured and cared for. They are your internal customers. They
bring in the business for you. They make customers happy enough
to make them come back for more, thus, helping spread the good
word about your company's products and services. Your people
are your company's ambassadors of goodwill, the direct extension
of your office, of your company.

Catch them doing right even for minor tasks rather than finding faults.

Be broadminded. Allow for some mistakes from your employees.
Help them realize that failure is not so bad but can be part of growing.
Understand that committing a mistake is normal so long as one
learns from it and does not repeat it.

One way to "exploit, reverse and maximize" on this is by investing
in the hiring, training and development of your employees, bottoms
up and across other functional areas of the company.

"Companies die because their managers focus on the economic
activity of producing goods and services, and they forget that their
organization's true nature is that of a community of humans."
~ Arie De Geus

With that, look for hidden talents of employees that might have been
overlooked. Encourage them to perform tasks they're smart enough
of doing.

Apply positive strokes, words of encouragement, and a healthy
working environment. Cheer for your employees so they are
encouraged to go beyond what is required of them. Help ordinary
employees deliver extraordinary results.

Lastly, if possible, make public announcements like press releases
about outstanding performances of employees. Like artists and
musicians, employees need an applause after a good performance.

Sounds simple? So, have you?

"Growing your seeds starts with recognizing the seed then doing
what it takes to nurture it to its full potential."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Your People... Part III

In our previous article, we ended with the thought of how to make
our people happy. As we all know, endless surveys and studies
and even discussions in business and networking sites have
made about this.

For starters, a good guide would be to understand Maslow's
of needs. Since everybody has his own needs, wants
and dreams --
being happy is a person-to-person basis. Thus,
get to know your
people a little more. Talking to your people is
never a waste of time
or effort but employee turn over is, so
recognize their requirements
and don't get under their skin.
Foster a healthy working environment.

"You can't treat people like an expense item." - Andrew Grove

See, employees are human beings not equipments that you
just take for granted or throw away. More so, fathom that
maybe a good motivator to most but a good treatment is
a necessity
to all. Be empathic. I am sure you have heard of it
so many times
already but it's about time you apply it.

Making your people happy is crucial to retaining the best talents
attracting potentials. Realize that if you do not treat people
well, not
only will they leave you but news will leak on what kind of
you have. And it's not something that would help
your company
move with great strides.

Word-of-mouth works on employees and leaders just like
how it works on customers.

"You can do a lot of talking to your employees, and you can buy
turkeys at Christmas if that's your hobby, but it isn't going to help
you one bit to keep the employee happy." - Thomas J. Watson

Hence, know that good treatment does not mean pampering.
Pampering would even hamper your child's potential to be the
that he can be. Good treatment is about valuing your people

Consider the basics.

Give your people job security... you get their legs;
give your people recognition... you get their ears;
give your people space... you get their eyes;
give your people growth... you get their hands;
give your people authority... you get their minds;
give your people respect... you get their souls;
give your people yourself... you get their hearts.

Do you follow?

"The worse mistake a boss can make is not to say 'well done'."
- John Ashcroft

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your People... Part II

So... still skeptical about the value of your people? Of course not,
as you would say. But how come you could just fire them or lay

Well, firing is understandable if competence has negatively
productivity. But what about laying off?

"Recession isn't the fault of the workers. If management take
risk of hiring them, we have to take the responsibility for
~ Morita Akio

Oh, so, it's the outside factors. Yet, who is in charge of the
direction? The Executives. Particularly the CEO.
Hence, if there's
anyone who should be "laid off", shouldn't it be
the CEO? Makes
more sense, right?

Yes, CEOs and everybody else can be fired, recession or not
but for
ineptitude or worse... for embezzlement. But why lay off
your people
if not for those reasons? As the Leader, can't you
find any other
means than what you think as an obvious

"If corporate health falters, the priority should be to mobilize
potential, to restore or maintain trust and civic
behaviour and to
increase professionalism and good
citizenship." - Arie De Geus

See, we even keep telling the world our people is like family.
People, WACADAD.
"Words are cheap and deeds are dear".
When you say family, you
should be aware of the responsibilities
that go with it. Unfortunately,
many just likes the fun, no wonder
why there's so many break ups.

Hold it there. Let's get off the down side and back to business.

Family is about staying together for better or for worse. If there's
a problem, you talk about it, you look for ways, you don't blame
each other and separate. You hold on even more in tough times.
Family makes each other better people.

An organization who really treats people like family understands
what family is; and applies its principles resulting in a stronger
unit ready for challenges and always aspiring.

"You do not get good people if you lay off half your work force
because one year the economy isn't very good and then
you hire
them back." - Ken Iverson

Value your people just like how you value your customers.
Treat your people just like how you treat your family.

Notice, successful organizations and families have, among
others, the most crucial thing in common -- they are happy.
when you are happy, it brings out the best in you.
Everything is
done with much enthusiasm, great ideas just
come pouring in,
and the cash register, yes, the cash register... just keeps ringing!

Do you know how to make your people happy?

Stay tuned.

"You are the company, its success depends and reflects on
how much you value your people."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Your People...

How many of you still thinks that employees are expenses
of assets? We have heard of this. So, one... thousands?


Well, perhaps these people would say "just look at the books,
do employees fall on?" Uhmm... trying to use logic huh,
blind? This is like, which came first, chicken or egg?
There are those
who would say egg, for they would argue that
before becoming a
chicken, it would still be an egg.

Alright then. We'd just run circles if we fall for that. It's just like
that employees are expenses instead of assets.

You want logic, here's logic.

Did God create Cain or Abel before He did Adam and Eve?
Did God
fashion an egg before showing us the chicken?
You might say "but
that's not business". Right.

Leaders, readers... everything is simply common sense.
complicate things to make it sound prestigious. It would
only show
how shallow you are if that's the case. Everything
can be learned. And if only you
look deeper, you would realize
how valuable your employees are.
And it's not because others
say so, but because you really
understand how business works.

"A personnel man with his arm around an employee is like
treasurer with his hand in the till." - Robert Townsend

Without employees, you would not have the people to help you

produce... from visualizing to creating to innovating to marketing

to selling to collecting and all.

Oh, what if you are a "one-man army"? Guess what? We are
talking about the value of the employee not about yours. For if
insist on that argument then sadly, you are narcissistic and
do not
deserve to have employees.

"It is difficult to love mankind unless one has a reasonable
income and when one has a reasonable income,
one has better
things to do than loving mankind."
~ Hugh Kingsmill

Without empathy, you can never be that Leader. Yes, you could

pay your people to do this and that; but have you ever wondered
of what your performance appraisal would be if they be the ones
to do it on you instead? Good?? Technically possible, however,
satisfaction, respect and loyalty is yours if you not only know
job but understand and value your people.

Do you? Then walk the talk.

"People are people... not personnel." - Tom Peters